Domain Names Reviewed – Domain Prefix, Suffix, and Hyphens | Julian Wong’s Empower Network Blog

Domain Names Reviewed – Domain Prefix, Suffix, and Hyphens | Julian Wong’s Empower Network Blog.

Domain Names Reviewed – Domain Prefix, Suffix, and Hyphens

Picking the right domain names for your SEO strategy is so crucial that it could occasionally kick up fairly a bit of complication or skepticism pertaining to what domain name you should sign up– especially if your domain name is already taken.

So, in this write-up, we’re visiting go a little bit a lot more in depth on how key phrases relate to domain names, and we’ll additionally deal with domain names categorization. We’re going to deal with the major expansions (which are even understood as domain name categorization) which is merely the little on the end of the domain name, i.e. com,. org,. net, au (if you’re in Australia) for instance.

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We’re likewise going to cover hyphens; specifically, exactly how hyphens can easily be used in domain names. We’ll cover keyword phrase density in domain names (this is the amount of the domain name that’s used up by the key words) and also we’ll also deal with prefixes and also suffixes in domain names.

Domain Names Research – Use of Prefix, Suffix and Hyphens in Domain Names

Domain Names Extensions

Also known as categorization, the domain extension depends just what category the domain comes under. The initial degree categorization of domain names are the Top Level Domains (likewise understood as TLDs) including Generic Top Level Domains (GTLDs) such,. net,. org, and. information, as well as. biz, and the like. Additionally falling under TLDs are Country-Coded TLDs (CCTLDs) which stands for country code leading level domains, which are nation certain domains like. may for Canada,. co. uk for the UK,. com. au for Australia, and also so on.

Below these Top Level Domains in the Domain Name System (even known as the DNS) are the 2nd degree as well as 3rd degree domain names. We’re going to focus mainly on GTLDs (or CCTLDs if your niche market is nation specific).

All things being equal,. com domains will definitely constantly hold the greatest value, and also although Google claimed that the extension has no SEO advantage or drawback with TLDs, numerous different SEO experts declare that’s have the SEO advantage in their experience.’s being the most populared domain extension, there’s always a particular quantity of kudos in holding So, this will absolutely function in your benefit if you’re wanting to create a label identification.

After that, there’s some debate regarding have the edge on each other, but personally, for me, I’ve had better SEO experiences Although you should additionally see exactly what you’re installing the domain for, given that some people still as public sector or charity design domains, so this might either help you or against you depending on your particular niche.

. info as well as. biz would comply with next, but, once more, there are loads of arguments all over the net over which carries out far better. Some individuals like. information because they’re meant to be educational web sites, as well as if you’re offering information, this may operate rather well for you. Although. info’s have actually always been extremely affordable and also have, as a result, been set up widely by spammers, so they do hold this kind of a connection with them.

Now, if your specific niche is nation certain then you ought to see signing up the appropriate CCTLD. So, for instance, if you’re focused in the UK (Sorry if I keep raving the UK, probably because I’m from the UK), at that point you must certainly try as well as go for the key words. co. uk (or if you’re targeting Canada, for example key words. can easily) and have this as your primary domain for SEO functions.

The good thing concerning these CCTLDs is that they’re very effortless to obtain also. So, acquiring them is a ton easier than going for normal TLDs (in most cases anyway) and also it permits the Google bots to understand what country you’re planning to place in.

However, if you are developing a content-rich authority site, it does not matter so much the keywords used in the domain name and the keyword density.

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The Use of Hyphens in Domain Names

Another very debated problem amongst SEOs is making use of hyphens domain names. As an example, making use of key-phrase. com. So, if you’re in vehicle hire, an example would certainly be car-hire. com. This is very strongly debated among SEO professionals and also, if you think about it, putting a hyphen in a domain name is going to make it more difficult to remember, so in turn, this is visiting make it a lot less brandable.

Yet another debate is whether one hyphen is okay and also whether two hyphens is too much. But there’s a rule of thumb amongst the SEO society, and also it is that greater than one hyphen is going to show up spammy, both to the search engines as well as the human eye. So, “it’s normally fine to have one hyphen in there” is the general agreement amongst most the SEO neighborhood.

I have to beware right here, due to the fact that Google hasn’t come out as well as said that they’re visiting discriminate against hyphens, either one hyphen, or two hyphens, however the basic agreement is one hyphen is all right.

Keyword phrase Density in Domain Names

So, permit’s discuss key phrase thickness. By key phrase density I indicate just what portion of the domain name, before it’s extension (the little bit before or is the actual keyword, versus just what portion isn’t.

For instance, if your major keyword you’re targeting was washing machines because you take place to sell washing machines then has a keyword density of 100 % given that there’s no some other notices, severals, words, or signs in there., as an example, has a 70 % keyword density given that 7 out of the real ten notices features the keyword, whereas three of the ten letters do not include the key words. So, those three letters are 30 % non keyword connected.

I favor domains that have as much keyword phrase thickness as possible due to the fact that, in my try, the reduced the key words density, the even more polluted the domain name.

Domain Name Prefixes and Suffixes

And ultimately, permit’s consider prefixes and also suffixes.

When we discuss prefixes within a domain name we indicate the word before the key words. So, as an example, My is the prefix.

For a suffix it’s the word after the key words. So, in, the suffix is the word online.

There are very a variety of usual universal prefixes such as my (, your (, and acquire (,,, or. co. uk), for example.

There are also some common suffixes like weblog (, online (, assessments (, as well as so on.

These are all excellent options if they’re suitable for the keyword phrase in concern. Just what I mean is that it’s an excellent option if it looks reasonable to the human eye, or if the non-keyword really turns the keyword into a key phrase. For instance, if you were to have actually at that point the non-keyword purchase would in fact turn it in to an essential phrase that individuals are seeking (” buy washing machines”). It’s even a fair option if thekeyword. expansion is not accessible, so, or, or thekeyword. may (if you’re in Canada), as well as so on.

Once again, the argument happens, because a lot of individuals say you must maximize suffixes over prefixes where possible due to the fact that this allows the online search engine to see the key phrase to begin with before the real various other word. Yet once again, this is debatable, and also it’s up for analysis, because it would certainly all depend on exactly what the suffix is or what the prefix is. If it’s a weblog then wonderful, however if you’re maximizing the word purchase prior to something, for example (as a prefix), then that can be an actually good search term as well as it could possibly also be a very good converter, since if people are really entering in purchase and then your keyword then it’s going to have a much better conversion rate once they in fact enter your site.

The main thing you should look at however is– whether the domain names suits the use?


So, in this segment we’ve covered expansions (that’s. com,. org,. web,. co. uk and also so on). We’ve additionally covered hyphenated domain names. We’ve covered key words density in domain names and we’ve likewise covered prefixes and suffixes in domain names.

It may surprise you just how a lot there is to take into consideration when selecting a domain name, as well as it’s probably one of the explanations numerous seasoned Internet Marketers usually sign up multiple domain names in their decided on niches. It does assist you avoid your competition from obtaining them as well as it can easily also enable you to have them for yourself, so that you could establish them and then control your niche.

To your online success,

Julian Wong

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